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PLEASE, don’t dream , this is ONLY a concept and I don’t do it because I am not skilled enough

And the fact is it seem this concept is not a new one :-( somedody pointed this to me


because I see it as array of directly linked processors. Something like of old good transputer. But with 6 links per processor in order to build an arry like a 3D cube. On contrary of transputer I see processor communicating through asynchronous messages queues. In this domains I fully agree with Joe Armstrong point of view .
Word is based on asynchronous messages exchanged between entity. Each entity is responsible for its traitment and can eventually answer by mean of other asynchronous message.


If you want to make a powerfull Adaptative Artificial Intelligence Sytem what do you need ?

  • very pliant language able to change itself while running

    >> Factor can do that
  • very hight asynchronous parrallel system

    >> our brain seem to be parallel but unfortunatly Factor is not yet
    Need same lite asynchronous and distributed process we can find in Erlang
  • hardware specialised to fullfill previous request

    >> FPGA is our friend
    here speed is not the matter but number is

The concept ( my dream)

Moderm FPGA such as XILINX one allow millions of cells on some low coast hardware. So with some existing sales board we should be able to build slow prototype. Board like XSA-3S1000 from XESS compagny should be enougth to build a dual Stack machine core for tests only

Hardware garbage collector and memory cache
One part of the board should be use to built the needed memory cache accès and hardware garbage collector based on Factor CELLS basis. Ancient Lisp machine hardware already do something like. This is not necessary trivial but probably doable.

Direct Asynchronous Link
Like the ‘lod good transputer’ the hyper cube are directly connected, each one to other, through a direct harware fast link. But on difference with transputer, the link should be asynchronous following the Erlang distributed processes. With 6 link we can build a kinf of cube that can extend to infinite.

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